Victoria Pendleton launches electric bike at Halfords

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Electric boost: Victoria Pendleton with her new e-bike

Electric boost: Victoria Pendleton with her new e-bike

Cyclist Victoria Pendleton encouraged thousands of Britons to start pedalling when she won gold at the London Olympics in 2012.

But for those who find riding a normal bike too strenuous, the gold medalist has launched a range of electric bikes.

She has designed the Pendleton Somerby, a power-assisted bike on sale at Halfords.

The £750 ‘e-bike’ is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is stowed under the rack and takes five hours to charge.

It has a range of 50 miles and gives a boost up hill or pulling away from traffic lights. 

Pendleton, 36, said: ‘They’re great for giving you more zip when you’ve run out of breath.’

Halfords is extending its range of electric bikes and expects sales to grow significantly.


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