University student Amy Clark tops up her loan by working part-time driving a lorry

Most university students earn some extra cash by pulling pints at the local pub. 

But 19-year-old Amy Clark has found a part-time job that is anything but normal.

The student, from Broughton, North Lincolnshire, will spend her holidays behind the wheel of a 44-tonne lorry, delivering loads across the country for her father’s haulage firm.

On the road: Amy Clark, 19, will spend her university holidays driving a 44-tonne lorry

Behind the wheel: The student was recently insured on the lorry with her father’s company

Ambitious: Miss Clark studies business management at the Royal Agricultural University

Miss Clark said: ‘I know it’s very different profession for a young female student but my dad loves driving lorries and I like the fact that a lot of my friends have normal jobs in retail stores or offices whereas mine is very unique.’

The self-described ‘girly girl’ received her HGV licence aged 18 and was recently insured one of the company lorries. 

It means she can now deliver goods while at home on holiday from the Royal Agricultural University, in Cirencester.

But while Miss Clark feels at home in the cab of the 10-wheeler, she admits it can catch others off guard.

She said: [I love] going shopping and nights out so a lot of people are very surprised when I step out of a lorry. I look so small driving such a huge vehicle but they’re great to drive and I’m a safe driver.

‘None of my friends at university believed me when I told them about my part time job at home. But I’m like most students when on campus in Cirencester, I love to go out with friends, drink and dance.

Passionate: Miss Clark, pictured left dressed up for a night out and checking out the lorry

Determined: Miss Clark, pictured with brother Jordan, received her tractor licence aged 16 

‘Girly girl’: The student admitted most people are surprised to see her step out of a lorry 

Confident: Miss Clark, pictured at the wheel, said ‘moving a lorry is not as difficult as it seems’

‘I look forward to coming home during term times as I know I can get to work at my dad’s lorry company.’

Miss Clark passed her tractor test at 16 but dreamed of getting behind the wheel of an HGV. She now holds licences for three different vehicle classes. 

She said: ‘The lorry test consisted of three straight days of pure training before an examination on the final day, I was overwhelmed to finally hold my license.

‘Moving a lorry is not as difficult as it seems, there’s just slight differences when operating the wheel.’ 

Student life: Miss Clark with her brother Jordan, left, and dressed up for a ball with a friend

The student, who reads business management, said she is looking forward to ‘travelling hundreds of miles all over the country’ during university holidays.

Her friends are also hoping to hitch a ride on a cross-country drive, she said.  

She added: ‘I’m going to work full time over Christmas, Easter and in the summer and will be travelling all over.

‘I’m unsure on what I eventually want to do as a career but it’s great knowing that I’ll always have lorry driving to fall back on.’  

Family business: Father Darren Clark hands over the lorry keys to his daughter

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